Public Safety

Local governments rely on wireless technology to dispatch emergency, police and fire personnel to crisis locations. Space Data can provide wireless communication services to fill-in where other networks have gaps, as well as wireless access that can remain available when terrestrial networks are overloaded. Space Data is able to lease or sale licensed FCC spectrum in the 900 MHz band in the event that a private network needs new spectrum to operate. Space Data SkySite® networks can be launched in minutes to support many special applications that require a responsive temporary capability including disaster recovery operations under the Federal Emergency Management System.

Space Data supports use cases for Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems. These are generally terrestrially based professional push to talk wireless communications systems commonly used for critical communications by public safety organizations such as police, firefighters, and other emergency response organizations.  In addition to the public safety sector, LMR systems are also commonly used in the commercial world in various industries including industrial, transportation, utilities, security, and logistics.  LMR systems typically consist of handheld portable radios, vehicle mounted mobile radios, fixed base stations and repeaters, and network infrastructure. Contact Space Data for further details on how we can support your needs.