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Wireless networks today need to support smart technologies of a more demanding connected world. Smart Communities, Smart Grids, Smart Meters, and Smart Homes require more information and more real-time communication than ever before. These Smart Networks need the ability to transmit and back-haul more data than ever before to support real-time communications. Robust and scalable networks require licensed spectrum that can be deployed to meet the needs of today, while supporting future demands for more smart, connected products and services.

At Space Data, we understand the need for reliable information and always-on communications!

Resiliency of Field Area Networks (FANs) for Smart Communities Everywhere

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) with FANs are essential to the reliable, resilient, and safe operation of our nation’s energy and water infrastructures, transportation fleets, public safety and military. Critical infrastructure networks are built to work in the most extreme circumstances—during and after natural disasters, in emergencies or with everyday demand constrains.

Electric utilities use smart networks for distribution management, which keep local distribution grids balanced as more distributed energy resources such as rooftop solar are introduced to the system. Water utilities are beginning to utilize smart networks to find leaks in the system and measure each drop of potable water and wastewater. Without these resilient Smart Networks, transitioning to Smart Communities will be impossible.

Space Data Spectrum Solutions Feature:

  • Standards: Narrowband Personal Communications Service (NPCS) is Part 24 governed and has total flexible use
  • Security:  Our private networks are protected against potential cyberattack by complying with, and often exceeding, federal security requirements
  • Resiliency: Network resiliency is not only critical when it comes to cybersecurity and storm response and restoration, but also for daily reliability as well
  • Scalability: Our clients can partition their service area by county and/or coordinates, so you acquire just the spectrum you need, exactly where you operate

NPCS licenses are fully built-out and continually operate nationwide:

  • 930 and 940 MHz licenses allow high power as they can be operated up to 3500 W ERP
  • 901 MHz licenses are device band and have a 7W ERP limit based on 12.5 kHz spacing
  • You own call signs when licenses are transferred, and the asset can go into your rate base

At Space Data, we have a history of helping to build Smart Networks that meet the stringent reliability expectations using military-grade communication technologies. Many of our wireless network solutions have been adopted and used by the military since 2012 for everyday communication applications as well as combat situations. Likewise, many utilities and oil & gas operators have purchased or leased our NPCS 900 MHz spectrum assets to fulfill their needs such as grid modernization, SCADA, AMI, DA, and other applications associated with critical infrastructure.

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