Flexible-Use, Nationwide, Licensed – We Have You Covered

Space Data sells licensed Narrowband Personal Communications Service(NPCS) 900 MHz spectrum, which is perfect for Critical Infrastructure Industries (CII) applications.

U.S. spectrum is allocated in two ways—licensed and unlicensed

Licensed Spectrum

Licensed spectrum offers users protections against costly interference from others who may be operating within the same Radio Frequency (RF) bands. Because of these protections, acquiring licensed spectrum can be more expensive, however the security and interference-free aspects of licensed spectrum makes it perfect for critical infrastructure industries such as utilities, oil & gas pipelines, public safety, and transportation.

Unlicensed Spectrum

Unlicensed spectrum is accessible to any entity seeking to operate wireless communications. Think of your personal wireless systems at home—Wi-Fi, baby monitors, garage door openers, etc. Unlicensed spectrum may seem free, but the cost of interference for CII is quite costly. Communication drag or downtime can add considerable cost when applications and devices cannot be controlled in real-time.

The FCC manages spectrum to assure that users do not interfere with licensed spectrum users. The FCC allocates licensed spectrum through auctions, essentially leaving it up to the highest bidder. The FCC also allows for secondary market transactions. As the demand for licensed spectrum has increased to accommodate the growth of cellular phones and other wireless devices, the value of licensed spectrum for critical communications has increased exponentially.

Space Data’s 900 MHz NPCS, Private, Licensed Spectrum Provides Guaranteed Scalable, Interference-Free, Flexible-Use, Secure Communications for CII

The NCPS frequency bands are 901, 930 and 940 MHz and, per FCC Part 24, are deemed ‘flexible-use’ allowing for data, video, or voice transmission.  Space Data has continuously held NCPS licenses and utilized spectrum for more than two decades. The map below show the evolution of Space Data spectrum coverage.

Space Data nationwide spectrum is available for sale. Contact us today.

Space Data Spectrum Holdings LLC (SDSH) and Space Data Radio LLC (SDR)

Space Data is a nationwide licensee of 1.8 MHz (60% of the NCPS band). In some areas Space Data has transferred some of its licenses to other mission critical users such as electric utilities or AMI companies for use by utilities. See the Space Data Spectrum Sales map for details of those transfers.

Most of Space Data’s available licenses are held by SDSH, which is 100% owned subsidiary of Space Data Corporation (SDC).  The 200 kHz of 901.9-902 MHz and 940.9-941 MHz is a 50% joint venture between SDC and another FCC licensee. FCC secondary market licensing allows Space Data to partition and disaggregate licenses down to the county or coordinate level to match customers service areas, bandwidth and throughput needs.

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